Our goal for you is to raise the bar and deliver you a step by step process to build an outstanding business. We aim to provide you with proven operational systems, strategic planning, staff performance and our never seen before "Done For You" restaurant marketing; all your marketing done in a few clicks.


Our Journey From Then To Now.....

I was a chef for many years. I wanted to be a head chef to have the freedom to cook my own food. Well, that’s nice and all, I soon learnt that I had to cook what sells, more than what I created.....

Like many chef owner/operators I took over a restaurant for the freedom of cooking my food and seeing my wildest dreams come to life. Reality was, it quickly became more about profit and loss statements than chasing chefs hats for the The Good Food Guide.

Even though, I ran a super tight ship and my food costings was great, I still had the front of house and the business side to contend with. In all honesty, it just become too much.

After two years in my own place, I came to a realisation that it was less stressful and a hell of a lot easier as an employee. Also, the money was not really much different, all things considered and my dream restaurant soon whittled away.

I left the industry in 2009, completely shattered and broken. “I will never work in hospitality again.” I would often tell my friends and family.

Over the next seven years, I worked in sales, marketing and running another business.  The truth was, I was really pissed off over leaving hospitality because I knew I could make it but I needed a something to make my life easier, both professionally and privately.

I had an idea, I  sat down with a huge sketch pad and started writing notes, flow charts, spreadsheets and everything I could think of that seemed useful to a restaurant or cafe owner. I mapped out what I believed was required from a front and back of house prospective, what I believed was all the important metrics and how to market a venue of a shoestring budget.

In 2016, I returned to the kitchen. What I saw totally shocked me! Wages were so high, yet staff were so under skilled. Food prices had risen enormously, and continue to do so, but meal prices barely budged during my time away.

It was a tough gig as an owner of a hospitality venue.

Over the next two years, I helped several restaurants throughout South Gippsland, go from barely scrapping by each month to a profitable business using my system.

I had some failures too, I wished I found them quicker.  They should have acted quicker; but that’s the advantage of hindsight. Financial pressures became too much and some shut down as I tried in vain to help. Those venues that didn’t make it had very clear warning signs.  There was nothing good about seeing someone work the ass off and save every cent to open their dream business, then seeing it crumble, along with their savings, just a few years later. It was soul destroying……

I saw my share of venues close and can share some very sad stories as a result of their closure but I will spare you the gory details, because, you are not like them, you have decided to take your business by the scruff and squeeze every bit of yourself, your team and your business to make this a success.

I spent the best part of the next two years trialling, refining and battle testing my theory, both front and back of house. Funny enough, it all worked.  Not some, but all! What I had written down was implemented, followed and reviewed time and time again until I was satisfied that I had a solid system to help any and all hospo venues, called The Restaurant Accelerator.

I would like to invite you to scroll down and check out my website below.  There is a bunch of FREE stuff at the bottom of the page to help you get some form of control of your business, whether it is either to improve kitchen efficiency, costs or develop a more cost effective and sustainable take away revenue stream, it's there for you.

Perhaps you are kinda interest and want to know more you can dip your toe into my FREE 15 minutes restaurant audit or would like to fire up your marketing in 2021 but on little budget, Restaurant Organic Marketing Membership might be your thing.

Regardless, take a look below.  You just might find the one thing that changes the trajectory of your venue.


Restaurant Accelerator

  • Get back your time and workless
  • Automate the s@#t of your business
  • Gain more control and piece of mind
  • Sleep well at night knowing your staff are on your team
  • ​Get clear on your vision
  • ​Re ignite your passion
  • Drive your revenue
  • Run the restaurant you love and enjoy the process

What Exactly Do We Do...

  • 1

    We Find Your Hidden Profits

    First step is to get all the data. If we’re not tracking the data from the restaurant, we’re only guessing. Right? And guessing get’s us stuck! EVERYTIME! This is what I see with most restaurant owners and why so many fail and have to close their doors. So we use our complete personal and private online area to plug in every single number we can find. We’ll table it, graph it, track it, make sure we find out EXACTLY what’s not working for you and the business and fix it. I’ll give you templates, procedures, step by step, plug and play spreadsheets, I’ll give you every, single, thing you need to make sure we can see the numbers go in the right direction. And you can use these for the rest of your restaurant lifetime. So, the first step is simply understanding and getting serious about the data so we can steer it forward and make you more money!

  • 2

    Communication & Your Team

    The next step is all about the communication, both from you and from your staff. For a restaurant to grow, to build, to stand out in the crowd of other eateries, you need a powerful team, a team that you trust, that you can rely on and that can handle anything that comes at them. Do you agree? So what we’ll do is help your team become one. Not only will we get the team united and working together, but we’ll teach them selling communication and upselling techniques, we’ll empower them, make them feel inspired and excited about actually coming to work. So not only will they be in a bloody good mood for a change, they’ll actually make the restaurant look nicer, give the venue more energy, which in itself, will bring in more revenue. Sound good right?

  • 3

    It's All About You, Your Business, Your Way

    After all, this entire process is for YOU. This is your baby. Your creation. Your dream. So we want to make sure that we’re taking YOU in the right direction. So what we’ll do is make your feel empowered and excited again, get you feeling pumped! Not only do we make sure you’re feeling good and feeling motivated, we make sure your productivity is high and that you are creating sustainable success, every….single….day. And we do this by being there for you, me, here by your side making sure you win, you’ll have the support of other coaches and restaurateurs as well, we’re all there to make sure you win! We’ll give you the coaching, the support, the ass kicking when you need it. And we’ll make sure you crush it! Every…single…day.. of the week!

  • 4


    Using our Done For You Marketing, social media strategies we get you in front of more customers more often. Using our targeted direct response marketing, we will give you much more market share in a crowded market place and drive customers straight to your door.



We Find Your Hidden Profits

If you are not tracking, you are guessing.  We collect all the important metrics and track, graph and provide you all the data to run a profitable restaurant.

Here's a sneak peak...

  • Food Wastage Resource Tool
  • Labour Awareness Tool
  • Menu and Food Costing Calculator
  • ​Chemicals and Packaging Calculator
  • ​Food Safety Program Implementation and Audit
  • ​And more…

Build Your Loyal Team Of Superstars

You can't run a successful restaurant on your own and your staff are your biggest asset.
Together we design and develop your own team of loyal superstars and create pathways of growth and ownership to minimise the typical burn out rates.

Here's a sneak peak...

  • Train, empower and motivate your staff to care for your business as if it’s their own
  • Delegate, prioritise so you can work on the business
  • ​Identify and nurture future leaders for your business
  • ​Develop repeatable processes for longevity and long term success

Strategic Planning and Marketing

We will get you working on your business, not in your business as we customize a clear, concise plan for the long term success of your business.

Breaking down every area of your business and we build resilience in a highly competitive market.

Here's a sneak peak...

  • 12 Month marketing plan with action steps, KPI’s and success measuring tools
  • ​High converting and fully customised sales page to attract your ideal customers
  • Script Builder template to increase sales at the table
  • ​Social media strategy to maximise your exposure to the right people, at the right time

Ongoing Support and Implementation

This is your baby. Your creation. Your dream. So we want to make sure that we’re taking YOU in the right direction.

Not only do we make sure you’re feeling good and feeling motivated, we make sure your productivity is high and that you are creating sustainable success, every….single….day.

Here's a sneak peak...

  • ​Life time access to all materials and training
  • Ongoing tech support, guidance and help as you implement your marketing campaigns
  • ​Instant access to all materials so you can plug and play to suit your business
  • Learn and keep up to date with the latest in social media strategy. We will keep in in the know of what’s working, right now

Here's who we work with...

  • Small to medium sized restaurants and cafe owners who expect more from there business.
  • Restaurant and Cafe owners that are stressed, over worked and really have no down time.
  • Restaurant and Cafe owners that struggle keeping their staff longer than a few months.
  • Restaurant and Cafe owners that suck at marketing or have no marketing plan at all.
  • ​Restaurant and Cafe owners that want to increase their revenue as part of their exit strategy.
  • ​New Restaurant and Cafe owners who want maximum gain in first few few weeks and months of trade.
  • Restaurant and Cafe owners that understand the value of support and not to proud to ask for help.
  • Restaurant and Cafe owners who want to create a lifestyle while not being a slave to their business.

What My Clients Say


Not quite ready to commit yet? Try dipping your toe in with one of these products. Easily implemented into your own business today....

Restaurant Management Tool

The Restaurant Management Tool was designed over two years and trailed in a dozen venues or more.  Its purpose is to provide you with real time, up to the minute data and cross analysis of your venue.  It's specifically designed that chef, manger and owner can simultaneously read, edit and interpret the data to make accurate business decisions based on data, not emotion.

Watch the video and see this powerful tool in action.

Upon purchasing, the Restaurant Management Tool along with tutorial video will be send directly to you email.  Along with best practices, video tutorial and instant downloads so you can implement into your business, track revenue and find any problematic areas of your business.

What do you get with the restaurant management tool?

  • Food cost, labour and overheads calculator
  • Easy to read graphics and reports on all your revenue streams
  • In depth, actual and theoretical food costs analysis
  • Average spend per head, stocktake and inventory, beverage calculator and more
  • Laser targeted to find holes in your profitability or highlight your venue's strengths
  • Peace of mind and develop repeatable processes for longevity and long term success
  • Total control of your kitchen and venue
  • Ideal for chefs, managers or venue owners
  • Ideal for those new to the industry

Now, I have a question, how do you increase your restaurant profits without spending a cent...?


Turn your front of house team into a high performing, laser focused sales time.

That's how!

If this has sparked your interest, read on below

Why upselling at the table is really...


I want you to click the button below and access this hyper focused training TODAY...

In this training you will learn

  • Identify Your Customers: Learn how to seek, speak and sell to your customers.
  • Upsell: Learn how to upsell without sounding pushy using our customised sales script.
  • Cheat Sheets: Get access to videos and actionable downloads to use in your business right now.

This will add thousands to your bottom line...

Most restaurant owners say their FOH staff TRY to upsell at the table BUT the reality is, most DON'T.


Why, the three most common reasons I find are;

1. Most restaurant owners don't give their staff the necessary training.

2. Most managers don't make their team accountable nor reward them for their efforts

3. Most front of house staff use your business as their stepping stone until they get a ' REAL JOB.'

What really is  upselling at the table and why it is so important...

  • Next level in customer service
  • Generates more revenue, more often with little extra effort
  • Empowers your staff and assists with their development and your business
  • ​ Slick, knowledgeable staff equals a better customer experience that leads more 5 star reviews
  • Your venue will be the number one venue in town
  • ​And more…

"Best Decision EVER"

Being stuck in the kitchen in a small business didn't give the time to train my staff. This script saved me dozens of hours in staff education and increased my spend per head by $12 in less than 28 days......

Some of the Places we've Worked with

How about your marketing? Like many venue owners and operators, I bet your marketing sucks!

You see, most venue owners are far too busy for effective marketing and having your 15 year old neighbour posting random pictures on your Facebook page is strategy that will get you nowhere, FAST...

Besides that, there is many other ways free marketing strategies and help your business. I've put over twenty plus strategies all together so you, can now market your business to gain more traction in an over crowded market place so you get more eyes on your socials and more butts on your seats!

Take a look below...


    Tired of wasting time and money chasing customers but never really seeing a change in revenue?

    Your food is great, your service is slick, don't be the best restaurant that no one has ever heard of.

    More than 20 simple, repeatable customer attraction systems designed for you with little to no cost and only 2-3 hours per week.

    What's On The Inside?

    More than twenty, and growing, free or low cost marketing ideas to specifically designed for the hospitality industry, all designed to get you more attention in the marketplace and to show you are the market leaders in your area.

    You will receive tutorial videos, notes, templates, instructions or downloads to very easily implement any or all these strategies into your business today..

    • Simple, trackable yet effective social media strategies that drive revenue
    • How to successfully set up joint venture, strategic alliances and business cross promotions
    • Turn your venue to the hottest in town, no need for influencers with these techniques
    • Done for your marketing, on autopilot
    • Plus more

    Still not convinced?  Try some of these FREE downloads below...

    7 Secrets To A Profitable Kitchen

    • Have all the important numbers at your fingertips
    • Easy to read dashboard with interactive charts and diagrams
    • Sales, food and wage cost with wastage all in the one easy to read place
    • ​Step by step video to show you how to edit so you can implement it in your kitchen today
    • Everything you need to run a more profitable kitchen
    • So much more inside...

    Follow this Video Series to Take Your Restaurant Through Efficient Methods to:

    • Stocktake: No restaurant can ever have accurate COG's without a regular, recorded stocktake.
    • Food Cost: It ever ceases to amaze me how many chefs and owners NEVER know their costs, and how much money is left on the table.
    • Wastage: Keep track of this, and stop flushing your money down the drain
    • Gross Profits: Your chefs may know how to cook, but often don't know how to run a business...
    • ​Edible Portions: All those trimmings still cost the same as the 'good bits'...calculate the true cost of your dishes.
    • Packaging: Takeaway containers, napkins, clingfilm and chemicals are the forgotten costs in most venues...don't let it happen to you.
    • ​Know Your Numbers: Cost of Goods vs Sales, Staff costs, Average Spend and how they all work together.

    "I Wish I Had This Info When I Had My First Head Chef Role"

    Now, more than ever, it's crucial to not only get customers through the door, but to ensure that, as we're serving them, we're also serving our bottom line.

    Unfortunately, most restaurants out there are operating with little to no understanding of how to properly run their kitchen for profit...

    But it doesn't have to be this way.

    And you can get your FREE access today...


    Everyday Problems For Restaurant Managers Solved In The Next 60 Minutes.....For Good!

    What's in the Training?

    • How to review, performance manage and inspire your team...
    • The top three why reasons you are always understaffed and under-appreciated as a manager (and how to fix it!)
    • Practical, real life, battle tested tools to manage your team...
    • Budgeting calculator so you hit your KPI's.
    • ​​Downloadable tools and instructional videos to plug straight into your business today!
    • ​​A BUNCH more to help streamline your FOH into a lean, mean, up-selling machine.

    Who Is This For?

    • Tired, overworked restaurant or cafe owners that spend far too much time putting out staff spot fires
    • ​Restaurant and cafe owners that seem to be forever on the hunt for their next team member, hoping they are their saviour
    • ​New restaurant and cafe owners that want to avoid staff issues and avoid the industry norm staff turnover in the early stages
    • ​Venue operators that want to to work less and gain more family or free time
    • ​Restaurant and cafe managers they feel they have 'lost' control of their team and a solution to take back the lead

    If 2020 taught us something it has to be how to reinvent your business. It is now crucial that most venues embrace a hybrid systems. A system that includes dine in and take away.
    The problem is, third party app will always suck the life from your profits.
    That is why, I have put together the free training on how you can build your own takeaway and home delivery service in as little at sixty minutes and for pennies.

    Start Your Own Delivery Service in 60 Minutes

    WITHOUT Using 3rd Party Apps or Delivery Partners

    Stop paying third party apps today!

    Learn to build your own home delivery and takeaway service where YOU keep all the profits while YOU maintain TOTAL control.

    More Deliveries, More Profits...

    When you first started your restaurant, if somebody had come to you offering more customers for a 35% cut of your profits...do you think you would have gone for it?

    Well, these days we seem to not have a choice except to give in to the marketing giants of UberEats, Deliveroo, DoorDash and more...

    But there is another way.

    With this simple, one-of-a-kind video series, I'll show you:

    • ​The EXACT walk-through steps to set up your delivery business in just 60 minutes.
    • ​ANYBODY can start an online delivery system with little-to-no tech experience.
    • ​Just because you've run your business a certain way until now, doesn't mean you can't give it a new life.
    • ​Breaking free of delivery apps and taking control of your own sales and profits is easier than you could ever imagine.

    Get INSTANT access to this Awesome Free Training now!

    WARNING: This Isn't a 'Social Media Hack' or a Magic Lamp to Save Your Restaurant...

    I'm not here to give you a bunch of promises to skyrocket your business in a matter of days, but I can give you a simple, proven system to break free of delivery apps and take control of your online sales with just a few hours of work.

    The only question is...will you keep giving these people your profits...or will you take back control?

    Hey, I'm Darren

    Here's a little About Myself

    • Industry professional for over twenty years, including nine years in high end venues and operating my own restaurant
    • Trained extensively throughout Melbourne's fine dining scene
    • Business owner and operator
    • Mastered sales and marketing, specialising in social media specifically for hospitality venues
    • Helped multi site venues and single site operators fill events, increase their sales and manage their COG's
    • Featured in and wrote for national and local food publications
    • Personal business coach for over a dozen food businesses ranging from pre-startup to growth stage
    • Managed a team of six sales executives in an $80M wholesale company to streamline sales process, increase productivity and boost profit margins
    • Increase sales in multiple territories by up to 127%
    • Managed the accounts of 500 customers throughout Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Eastern Suburbs


    Get a free 45-minute consultation and recommended solutions with one of our coaches.